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Personal Account

MistralPay is the secure way of buying online from your favourite shops in the knowledge that your payment details are in safe hands. As soon as you open a MistralPay account, you can start shopping online by using your email and password.

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Safe, Simple, Online Shopping

You can make payments to all your favourite websites that accept MistralPay for free!
You can safely store your bank details, credit and debit card numbers and then choose the one you want to use each time you pay online. Your transactions are secure, your financial information is not shared or stored with merchants.

Business Account

MistralPay business accounts allow mass money transfers to numerous individuals and suppliers at the same time.
Real-time, online tracking of account balances and spending. The simple way to move money.

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Prepaid Card MistralPay

Get your MistralPay Prepaid MasterCard and link it to your account.
Instantly pay commissions and salaries to companies and employees, even to those without a bank account.
You can use it at retail stores, online and anywhere else that accepts MasterCard.





Sell with MistralPay

MistralPay eWallet is a complete checkout service for eCommerce sellers.
Offer MistralPay eWallet to enable millions of web customers to shop
securely on your website without having to re-enter
their delivery and payment details.

Open a Merchant Account

  • Start accepting payments on your website in minutes
  •  Add MistralPay to your current checkout
  •  No set-up fees, no cancellation fees (See pricing)

Global Payment Platform

MistralPay is your business’ gateway to the world!
Sell your products and services online and open your business to the global marketplace – anywhere, anytime & always secure!

Your Business is Online…

… so manage it online! MistralPay has all the tools you need to succeed, such as checkout payment buttons, shopping cart integration, merchant marketing kits, online invoicing and payouts.
Our advanced integration and developer tools open your website for business!

How does it work ?

Start accepting payments via debit cards, credit cards, domestic wire, vouchers, mobile, IVR, and even digital currencies.
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After every payment, your money is transferred to your MistralPay account instantly.
You can withdraw MistralPay funds and transfer them to your bank account or to top-up your MistralPay Card.


MistralPay’s focus on fraud detection and prevention allows you to buy or sell products in the knowledge that your account is operating in a secure environment. Your financial and personal data is secured and stored with advanced encryption tools.

Trust is a precious thing

MistralPay is a Financial Institution authorised by the Malta Financial Service Authority under the European Payment Service Directive, PSD.